Petrolieum & Petrochemical products specialized trading company

Business Outline

ANDOH PARACHEMIE CO., LTD. (hereafter, ANDOH PARACHEMIE) has been dealing with natural products since its foundation in the Bunsei Era (1818-1829) in the Edo Period in Nagoya.

As chemical industries have advanced, the company has expanded to deal with materials that meet the needs of the age, aiming to contribute not only to its customers but also to the whole of society and the world.

Many of the products in the chemicals industry are not environment-friendly, but the company makes utmost effort to ensure its products have the minimum impact on the environment, thus reducing the environmental burden, which is a global issue.

The company handles products in the category of “other chemicals,” mainly waxes and solvents. Our services also include the collection and supply of information as a trading company.

In recent years, we have expanded our connections with international companies in order to make a greater contribution to the global market.




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