The Bunsei era

Zensuke Andoh (1790–1874; unofficially known as kohei Kashiwaya) built a fortune selling wax, oil, and sugar in Owari Nagoya Funairi-cho, and became widely known―even as far as the Osaka area.
Employees, headed by Touichi Itoh , invested 35,000 yen to establish Andoh Shoten as a general partnership in Higashi-ku, Osaka City
Started doing business with Nippon Seiro Co., Ltd. (1930)
Establishment of Nippon Seiro Co., Ltd., a company specializing in wax production.
Andoh Parachemie started doing business with the company right from its launch, forming a business partner relationship that endured throughout the years.
Outbreak of World War II (1939)
Work essentially stopped and the company narrowly escaped dissolution.
Former members of the Andoh Shoten partnership established ANDOH TRADING COMPANY CO. LTD. with a 150,000 yen capital (paid-in capital of 37,500 yen) at 1–23, Kobiki-cho, Kyobashi-ku, Tokyo.
Company name was changed to ANDOH SHOTEN CO. LTD. JAPAN.
Opened Nagoya Office
Relocated head office to 3–2–4 Nihonbashi Hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Opened Daitoh Storage in Daito, Osaka
Opened Fukuoka Office
Completed construction of head office at 3–2–2 Nihonbashi Hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Changed company name to ANDOH PARACHEMIE CO. LTD. (current name)
Changed company logo (1978)
The new company logo was designed based on a drawing by the president at that time.
Relocated head office to Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture
Opened Ohtone SPF in Saitama Prefecture
Built new branch in Osaka
Establishment of a charitable organization (1993)
Volunteers from the company established a charitable organization through which Andoh Parachemie has been a strong supporter of education funding for children in developing countries.
Started selling "Kusanagi," a product developed in-house (1994)
Began developing eco-friendly wax applications, and also produced planting pots and mulching sheet for preventing weed growth. An eco-friendly approach became deeply ingrained in the company's culture. (*Product no longer available)
Opened a wax gallery in the Osaka Branch
Merged with Shinwa Sangyo Co., Ltd., a manufacturer known for precision lost-wax casting process.
Acquired ISO 14001 certification (for the Osaka Branch and Daitoh Storage)
Relocated head office to Hatchobori (3-chome), Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Opened Qingdao office in China
Establishment of a Chinese subsidiary (2009)
A subsidiary in China was established as the company's first overseas base. This office provides material procurement and technical support to local and Japan-based companies in China. It also supports the business activities of customers in Japan through material surveys of Chinese manufacturers, and aids in import/export activities between Japan and China.
Established Qingdao Branch of Andoh Parachemie (China)
Opened Qingdao Office in China
Established Andoh Parachemie (Shanghai) with a capital of $500,000.
Signing of distributor agreement in Japan (2016)
Signed a distribution agreement with ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd to become a direct seller. We have been the sole distributor of the EXXSOL and ISOPAR series since 2017.
Established ANDOH PARACHEMIE (THAILAND) CO., LTD. with a capital of 10 million baht.
Establishment of a Thailand subsidiary (2018)
Established a Thailand subsidiary as the company's second overseas base. This office supports material procurement for companies expanding into Southeast Asia. It also supplies materials needed by customers via trilateral trade between Japan, China.